McDonald’s worker shares drive thru secrets – including how staff hear EVERYTHING you say

A McDonald’s worker has shared secrets about how the fast food giant runs its drive-thrus.

TikTok user @charlton.a revealed customers’ in-car chats might not be so private as they linger around the order microphone.

In a video which shocked some viewers, the McDonald’s worker said staff can hear “everything your saying” – even when their mic is off.

Wearing his uniform, he goes on to say the drive-thru window has cameras installed to take a photo of drivers as they approach.

Customers reportedly have a mugshot-style image taken of them behind the wheel.

The image helps keep the service moving as quickly as possible, allowing staff to identify what order belongs to who.

In a final confession, @charlton said his McDonald’s restaurant in New Zealand sells recipe books, allowing fast-food fanatics to recreate the meals at home.

In a comment on his video he also explained how passengers can also be heard chatting in the car.

The clip saw users quickly sharing their concerns and opinions in the comments.

One wrote: “Well, I guess they hear us arguing everytime about what to get and to hurry up” another joked.”

Another added: “Wait really?! I’ve said things no one is allowed to know about!”

“Next time I’m going through a Maccas drive-thru I’m using a voice changer and picking my nose at the camera,” one joker said.

McDonald’s have been approached for a comment.